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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EAR Roundup

We talked about nice things.

And we played pool. (some of us did)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

UPDATE: 3G Lies!

It's just not true. That old WSJ reporter lied about the 3G iPhone!

I wish someone would just get their act together already and the Apple wasn't scared of competition...

IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING AND REALLY, are any of the look-alike phones really going to be successful?

Come on folks, I need to know if I should save up for the new phone!

Monday, April 7, 2008

iPhone Expecting

So, I bought the iPhone like about two months after it came out and now they tell me there's going to be a better one coming out in 60 days.

I knew this was part of the deal when I purchased the phone. But I didn't think it would happen so soon.

This most credible rumor out there yet to date about the super-fast 3G network ready iPhone is tempting to me. I'd love an internet that not only looks like the one on my MacBook but one that also moves as fast my DSL and this is what I'm told 3G will do.

So, since I don't know how much it will cost, if upgrades will be offered (doubtful), or anything, I guess I'll just start saving, and pick the best candidate/friend to will my first generation iPhone to.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eddie Radshaw: Connector, Early Adopter or Just Average Joe?

I've often wondered as I sit through lectures on networks and marketing where I fit on the Diffusion of Innovations continuum. This is one of those common sense marketing concepts wherein there are the innovators who find the products, the early adopters who start to make it popular, the early majority who bring it to the masses, the late majority, and then the laggards. Laggards are people like my dear sister who discovered texting in 2008.

But when I bought the iPhone in late September 2007, just three months after it came out, where does that put me on the continuum? I've always thought of myself as pretty savvy and definitely willing to put money down on something because I have a hunch or just really like it. And, since the most desirable group of marketers to target is the early adopters I like to think of myself as one of them.

This reminds me of how I felt after I read The Tipping Point. I really wanted to be a Salesperson. But I'm actually kind of bad at it. And I thought maybe I was a Connector, but then I don't keep in touch with people I meet on airplanes and I've had too many one night stands. Lately, I've noticed I search online for discount codes before completing online purchases (most recently, I used CouponCabin to get free shipping at JCrew, which saved me $12 on a hot pair of swim trunks that was only available online.) All this might make me a Maven, if only I could commit to this frugal lifestyle.

Someone should create an online quiz to help me confirm my suspicions. (My searches yielded nothing.)

(See the poll to vote on what phase of consumer is currently buying the iPhone)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

iPhone, iPhone on the Wall

Finally, someone out there GETS me.

Gizmodo shone light on a brilliant new case for the iPhone.

As I myself am both obsessively vain and concerned about my iPhone's protection, this may be just the thing I've been waiting for, but too bad iLounge is sold out!

See, I've been using the little silver Apple logo on the back of my iPhone as a mirror since I got the phone. It's the perfect size to quickly check for seeds in mt teeth, look at a potential new zit, or even fix my coif.

Here's a rough attempt at illustrating the multi-functional iPhone:

(I have to say it is VERY hard to take a picture of your reflection!)

But with this new case, I might be able to have a full picture and perhaps not looks so bizarre as I try to get the right angle of my shiny forehead, etc.

But a small price to pay for vanity, if I do say so myself.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Time Management

Some of my fellow bloggers continue to get lost in this quandary:

With all the things I have to do in one day, how can I find time to blog/read blogs/surf the web/etc. ?

I'm not exactly the archetype of the typical web user-- I like to make time for things and function well, if not above average, on little to no sleep. I am a perpetual reader/sponge for all things ridiculous. Let's face it, if I put half as much time in perfecting my flabby body as I do tweaking my sharp wit and boundless pop knowledge store, I'd be a regulation hottie. (Remember though-- beauty fades, dumb is forever.)

I have to admit though, since I've signed up for Web 2.0 it's been a real challenge to learn how these sites/etc. work. I now belong to 11 social networks (MySpace, Facebook, hi5, bebo, Friendster, Twitter, MyFamily.com, MyYearbook, Digg, LinkedIn, and Doostang). And, a quick update-- 2 friends of mine much closer to my first tier have joined Twitter since I have... I am kind of hooked on writing in Twitter.

There are still all kinds of sites I could join (de.li.ci.ous or Gawker come to mind). There are thousands of blogs IO could read. And apparently, I'm supposed to create my own legit new content for this blog, which is hard when you're not as plugged in as the other bloggers. I mean, I interview the creator of RubMyYouKnowWhat, the only blogger to do so BTW, and I still get minimal spike in traffic.

Time is a hot commodity these days, and it's a big risk for consumers to take precious time to surf the web hoping to find something unique. If we really are suffering from Blogorrhea and too much derivative content, we need to streamline the topics into channels, much like cable TV did in the 70's and 80's.

If there were simple channels with similar content, viewers would have a better guarantee that they were surfing relevant content and not getting lost in a sea of highly optimized sites. This is likely the future of the Internet, which we're already seeing with the increasing popularity of vertical search.

Until such time as we develop a remote control and Tivo for your PC, you're just going to have to rough it like the rest of us pioneers. My suggestion in the meantime, get some kind of iPhone or at least a smartphone so you can search the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oldies in the City

Given how much you all know I enjoy both Sex and the City and watching old people discover technology and the new millennium... I thought you would appreciate this.

Funny thing about this video (which has horrible sound, btw) is that the whole thing is actually 4 years old (from the TV Land Awards, no less) and it just kind of went viral on Thursday and Friday. WHY? I think it's the impending movie release... timing is everything!